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Get Connected, Industry Insights & More

As a CSCNetwork member, your business is part of a powerful group.  You have the bargaining power and access to our approved suppliers, but also to our entire network of other independent laundries. Connecting with other members, you're able to network, share successes, challenges and collaborate with others all across the country.  


Training & Education

Members have access to a variety of different training seminars, webinars and specialty groups where you learn more about items that impact your business. You and your team can learn from others along with industry experts when it comes to operations, human resources, process improvement, sales training and other key areas of your total business operations.


Discounts & Rebates from Suppliers

With our members' input, we carefully research and evaluate potential suppliers. Like you, our criteria and standards are high. Beyond price advantages, ongoing supplier evaluations assure members of high-quality products and dependable performance.

Member businesses save on just about all items from consumable materials to plant supplies, services - even capital equipment. CSCNetwork negotiates a discount program with each supplier, and many suppliers offer rebates (paid directly to members) on top of the deep discounts. Last year, CSCNetwork members received more than $5 Million in rebates directly from program suppliers. That averages out to $47,500 per member, which pays for the cost of membership many times over.

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Membership Fees

Stock Purchase Fee - $2,000

Fee entitles the member to 10 shares of no-par value Central States Corporation stock. This fee is equity and will be completely refunded if the member decides to quit CSCNetwork at any time, provided the stock certificate is returned and all receivables owed to CSCNetwork are paid in full.

Annual Dues - $3,999

The only source of operating funds for CSCNetwork.



Volume Rebate - Varies by Supplier

Rebates from many suppliers paid directly to the member based on the purchases from participating suppliers. CSCNetwork passes all discounts and rebates on to its members.

Attendance Rebate - $999

Applied toward dues for three months for all members who attend the Shareholders Meeting and lodge at the hotel accommodating the CSCNetwork Annual Convention.

Our Guarantee

CSCNetwork is so confident in the programs and services that we provide our members, we offer the following guarantee:

If, in the first year with CSCNetwork, your company does not receive savings and value from the programs and services we offer that exceed the cost of being a member, we will refund your $2,000 stock fee and the $3,999 in dues you paid during the year.

The only conditions of this guarantee are that you give us written notice that you are quitting CSCNetwork within 30 days of your one-year anniversary, and return your stock certificate.

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