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As a CSCNetwork Member

Joining the country's largest group of independent textile rental companies gives you security. CSCNetwork and our members stand behind you with the support of industry insights, competitive analysis, and a collective voice.

The best assurance is our money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your membership. Your initial stock purchase of $2000 and annual membership dues of $3999 will be immediately refunded in full if you don’t experience savings beyond that investment. This means there’s no risk to join CSCNetwork, and no reason not to.

As a CSCNetwork Supplier

We employ a formal process for adding new suppliers to our program. This is to ensure our members receive the best pricing in the industry on the items they purchase the most, and that they have access to high quality, cost-effective training and support.

If your company is interested in becoming a supplier, know that all rebates are paid directly to our members, not CSC. Learn more about becoming a supplier now.


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Rebates Members Recieved in 2022

$0 Million

To be able to get competitive pricing with our national competitors is huge. We get a lot of the same discounts, so we can be competitive.

Will Woodland

Snow White Cleaners, Inc.

"If you buy one piece of equipment, you more than pay back the costs of membership." He emphasizes two reasons for joining CSC: saving money and networking with other independents.

Wes Sights, President

Sitex Corporation in Henderson, KY