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When a National Competitor Comes Knocking

June 27, 2023

When a National Competitor Comes Knocking: How to Prepare For and Take Advantage of Competitor Buyouts We’ve all seen it happen – a local competitor in your area is bought out by one of the national competitors, leaving your company as one of the last – or the last – … Read more

What Is the Future of Selling?

April 27, 2023

WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF SELLING? by: Troy Harrison The sales profession is facing an entirely new type of competition. Whether it will be a game-changer is yet to be seen. The topic of the LinkedIn poll was, “Can salespeople be replaced by AI in five years?”  My instinctive reaction … Read more

CSCNetwork is Moving. Note New Address

March 14, 2023

CSC Is Moving. Effective April 1, 2023 CSCNetwork | Note New Address We’re headed to a new office space, with a new mailing address after 4/1/23. That’s no April Fools Joke either. Please update your records with our new address CSCNetwork 377 Riverside Drive, Suite 101Franklin TN 37064   ContactJeff … Read more

Salespeople: Longer Cycle? Multiple Buyers?

June 5, 2021

Salespeople: Longer Cycle? Multiple Buyers? By Steve Herzog Here’s an interesting question for sales professionals: What counts as a “big opportunity” in your world? Think of a specific prospect. If the answer you just came up with involved a single decision-maker and a sales cycle of less than, say, 12 … Read more

Member Spotlight – The Roscoe Company

May 4, 2021

The Roscoe Company What is the history and how was your company founded? George C. Buik and John P. O’Connell were two young entrepreneurs who, in 1921, saw a market niche in rapidly industrializing Chicago. As smokestacks blossomed, the workforce grew, and there was a growing demand for someone – … Read more

Why Strategy Matters More Than Ever…Building a Plan to Thrive

May 4, 2021

Why Strategy Matters More ThanEver…Building a Plan to Thrive By Eric Kurjan In my previous article – “Determining Your Go-Forward Business Strategy in a COVID-19 World” – CSCNetwork Magazine Q4, 2020, I shared a perspective of how organizations can get back on track. We examined the phases that independent laundries … Read more

The Importance of Positive Online Reviews in the Linen and Uniform Industry

December 21, 2020

Online Reviews in the Uniform Industry By Meghan Leboff In today’s high-tech world, the internet reigns supreme. What do we do when we’re interested in purchasing a product or service? Whether it’s a business, a person, or anything else, we log onto the world wide web to decide if it’s worth … Read more

The “New Paradigm” Post COVID

December 21, 2020

The “New Paradigm” Post COVID By: Charles Brennan We regularly hear the term “new normal” from news outlets, friends, family, and colleagues. It begs the question, how do we define this coined phrase? The “new normal” reference suggests an imposition between what we knew and what our future holds. Broadly … Read more