About CSCNetwork

Hundreds of Members. One Voice

Our membership consists of more than 180 independent rental laundries in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, specializing in uniform and linen rental and dust control.

Our Mission

Since 1979, CSCNetwork has made it our mission to help the independents in our industry stay independent. We level the playing field with resources, pricing negotiation, and rebates to give you buying power against national competitors, along with access to best practices from fellow independents, industry leaders, and exclusive training groups.

By working together, we are stronger. Whether you’re already enjoying these benefits or looking to become a member, here are some of the advantages CSCNetwork provides:

  • CSCNetwork's Mission is to Help Members Compete and Profitably Grow Their Businesses!

  • CSCNetwork's Vision is to Compete on VALUE with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

Supplier Discounts

CSCNetwork members receive discounts from more than 90 industry suppliers. Our combined member volume allows us to negotiate deeper discounts than most buying groups.


All discounts and rebates offered by suppliers go directly to our members. CSCNetwork members typically receive more than $3 million in rebates each year from program suppliers, which are distributed directly to our members.

Training & Events

Members have access to our exclusive groups and 20+ training events per year. Hear from subject matter experts and industry professionals on topics including sales and marketing, HR, leadership, service optimization, and more!

Annual Convention

Gain access to the most anticipated event in the industry.  Expand your network, view new products, and attend keynote and breakout sessions designed to address industry topics for continued business development.


If, in the first year with CSCNetwork, your company is not satisfied with the value from discounts and rebates as well as the programs and services we offer, we will refund all fees paid the first year.