As a CSCNetwork member, your business is part of a powerful purchasing group. With our members' input, we carefully research and evaluate potential suppliers. Our criteria and standards are high. Beyond price advantages, ongoing supplier evaluations assure members of high quality products and dependable performance.

Your business will save on just about all of your needs from consumable materials to plant supplies, services - even capital equipment. CSCNetwork negotiates a discount program with each supplier, and many suppliers offer rebates (paid directly to you) on top of the deep discounts. Last year, CSCNetwork members received more than $3 Million in rebates directly from program suppliers. That averages out to $47,500 per member, which pays for the cost of membership many times over.

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"To be able to get competitive pricing with our national competitors is huge. We get a lot of the same discounts, so we can be competitive." - Will Woodland, Snow White Cleaners, Inc.

"If you buy one piece of equipment, you more than pay back the costs of membership," says Wes Sights, president of Sitex Corporation in Henderson, KY. He emphasizes two reasons for joining CSC: saving money and networking with other independents.