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From Survive To Thrive: Protecting Employees, Customers and the Bottom Line - Eli Cryderman, Director of Technical Services - Gurtler Industries, Inc.

Monday, June 1st, 9:30 AM CST

As businesses and institutions emerge from various states of reduced or restricted activities, laundry operators are likewise transitioning from weathering an economic storm to ramping up operations in an uncertain world. There is ever-changing guidance from local, state and national authorities, a populace that is acutely aware of hygiene and sanitation, and an economy struggling to get restarted.

How should an operator approach their own reopening? In this webinar, we will review fundamental best practices that will best position operators to succeed no matter what becomes of the ‘new-normal’.

> Protecting Employees. You can’t have a business without employees!

We’ll review enhanced protection practices for your facility to maintain a safe workplace.

> Protecting Customers. "How do I know my textiles are safe?”

Get up to speed on how the laundering process produces safe textiles and how to validate.

> Protecting the Bottom Line.

Solidify relationships with current customers and gain new revenue streams with enhanced

services and product offerings.

We will be recording the webinar and will make it available to all members. Please only register if you can attend live as space is limited.

Rethinking Sales and Marketing to Generate Inbound Leads - Rebecca Dutcher, Red66 Marketing

Tuesday, June 2nd, 12:00 PM CST

In our experience, many of the uniform rental companies we’ve worked with have a sales team to reach new customers but don't have a dedicated marketing staff. This makes sense since traditionally a sales team is accountable for all business development, while any marketing role is seen as sales support. As we emerge in the “new normal” with social distancing measures fresh in our minds, traditional cold calls and sales processes may need some help with fresh thinking about marketing. In a time where 70% of customers make a decision to buy before they even call a company, it might be time to consider adding in some marketing to help bring in qualified leads and support the sales team.

Marketing doesn't need to be a time-consuming undertaking. In fact, you likely have some things that would be fairly easy to implement with a little dedication and planning. In this presentation, you'll learn more about today's "self-educating buyers" who have changed the sales dynamic. More importantly, how your business can put some fundamental marketing practices in place to support lead generation and ways your sales team can help make it happen.

The knowledge your salespeople have about your company and questions your prospects ask is incredibly valuable to use in creating a broader reach to more prospects - especially as we go back to a "new normal" with more virtual meetings and digital communications. We'll talk about the importance of including some of your sales teams' insights on your website, and how sharing company updates, services, and products through email or social media can keep you in front of customers to build loyalty, and in front of prospects to build awareness and generate leads.

We will be recording the webinar and will make it available to all members. Please only register if you can attend live as space is limited.