Jamey Cashman


Executive Director
(888) 229-2575 ext. 15

Lisa Wacker

Supplier Relations Manager
(888) 229-2575 ext. 14

  • Supplier Programs
  • Supplier Relations Committee
  • SECURE Group
  • Service / Route Management Training
  • Restroom Promotion
  • Owners Summit

Ryan Sedlacek

Marketing Manager
(888) 229-2575 ext. 13

  • Annual Convention
  • CSCNetwork News
  • Website
  • SMART Group
  • Recruiting
  • Sales Training

Renee McCollum


Finance/Marketing Manager
(888) 229-2575 ext. 12

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • SOAPP Group
  • Competitive Information
  • Mat Promotion
  • HR Group
  • Finance Management Group

"I am honored to have such an encouraging and talented group of people, full of integrity, as your team. There hasn't been a time when I felt I had to be 'put in line' to have problems dealt with. Any dealings I have had have been handled in such a prompt manner that sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one that has your phone number." 

- Skip Boone, Oregon Linen